Tony Hong : CEO (Creative Director)

adjunct professor major in the Department of Design and Images in Ewha Woman’s University

“Junkville Story-Dontuch kingdom” advanced to Final Competition of TV Part, SICAF 2010

“Junkville Story” selected for the 5th Green Film Festival In Seoul

“Bikini English” selected and supported for the Wibro animation by KOCCA (Korea Culture & Content Agency)

“Let Me Fly” Characters and application Developer of Chung-dam Learning Co,.LTD Educational Animation for pre-schoolers

“Joint Study of Image Technique following up with the development of educational content” Selected as the Enterprise of Academic-Industrial co-operation by the Small and Medium Business Administration  the Co-op with Chung-Ang University and BK21

Production of 3D Digital Animation using NPR(Non Photorealistic Rendering) Selected as the Enterprise of Academic-Industrial co-operation by the Small and Medium Business Administration

OSMU Content Production Technique using Environmental Edutainment Digital Animation” installed for ‘Interactive Moving image” in the gallery of the houses (Hyundai Engineering& Construction Co., LTD Kim-po Newtown)

“Gui-dam i(The Listener)” Symbol Character developer (The ombudsman of Korea)

The Interactive Media art “Magic Lake” Installer (Gwang-ju Design biennial )

The exhibition of Interactive Media art “Lumedias” Programmer and Installer (Global Light Exposition 2005)

Driving Simulation Producer of Hyundai Engineering& Construction GCS VR

Producer of “Let’s play with Boomchikiboom”
the edutainment content using Motion capture and 3D Animation Technique

Producer of “The island of Myth, Digital Je-ju 21” for Je-ju Traditional Content by Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Mun-Gu Kang : Technical director
(ex) assistant professor of the department of Electric Computer Engineering in Seoul National University
a bachelor, master, doctor of Mechanical Engineering in Seoul National University, Post-doctor in Univ. of California, Los Angeles.
special research worker of the Labolatory for the precision instrument design
Research for the art of multimedia contents service, Strategy research institute of Chungdam Language School

Chang-Hun Han : Animation Director
Producer of the special ver. Animatics, ‘PPappi-e friend’, Character Plan co., LTD
Producer of the English educational animation, ‘Aesop’s Fables’, Chanel EBSe
Producer of the character, animation of the imagination land, Woongjin co., LTD
Producer of the animation program ‘Astronaut’, Chanel KBS 2

Moon-Hyung Lee : Digital Contents Supervisor
Professor of the Computer Science & Information Systems, Hanyang Women’s University
Producer of the CD title and Movie for education, Chungdam language school
Producer of ‘the robot English educational contents’, Eugine Robot co.

Ji-Eun Lee : Research Director
Adjunct professor of Animation Department, Hongik Univ
Majored in the 2D 3D Animation, Capilano college, Canada, a master of the industry grad school,
Hongik Univ., a doctor, Chungang Univ.
Animator of the Rough Draft, Korea
Director of the 3D animation ‘Baluppo, the Balloon Puppet’
Director of the title animaion, mini-series ‘Over the Rainbow,’ ‘Thank you,’ Sitcom ‘the Elephant’,
Chanel MBC Producer of the movie ‘She was pretty’, using rotoscoping
Director of the teaser advertising of the online game ‘Monaco Esprit’’
producer of the interactive movie ‘underground village of the green republic’

R & D Lab.

GFX was selected for SMBA(The Small & Medium Business Administration), and established Digital Edutainment Development Lab. with Ehwa Women's University to set up competitive edutainment, co- producing process as well as turn proven contents out.